Welcome to the World of Miniature Sheep New Zealand.


This website is currently being built, so make sure to pop back and see what’s up soon! It will be a hub where both buyers and sellers of Miniature Sheep New Zealand can connect with each other.

Breeders can have their own pages if they want (or just a listing for being contacted) and will be able to display their information, photos, and also advertise any stock they may have for sale.

Skippy Miniature Ram 2023 Oct

Comparison of Purebred BabyDoll Ewe to Skippy

As there is currently no actual breed or registry or standard/specifics for Miniature Sheep in New Zealand, it will be up to the buyers to ascertain if the advertised animals meet their personal needs.

I am hoping if there are enough interested breeders, that a mini sheep breeders association will be formed. And from that, a registry with a breed standard and profile will be adopted, so breeders can selectively breed towards a common goal.

If you are a breeder of very small and/or Miniature Sheep in New Zealand and would like to be included in this website, please check out the breeders information page. All size breeders are welcome, from those with large flocks to smaller lifestyle breeders. And from those who have breeding a long time to newer folk as well – all welcome to be listed here. The most important things is that we can connect with each other, swap ideas and bloodlines etc.

In the meantime, here are a few images of Babydoll Southdowns, the most common of the small sheep in New Zealand. I personally do not think of Babydolls as miniature – because they are usually 3/4 the size of a normal sheep breed.

Scooter - Babydoll Southdown Miniature Ram

Miniature Babydoll Ewe with her Newborn Lamb