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Available in Southland by Golden Creek Miniature Sheep:

I will not have any ewes or ewe lambs available for a couple of years, as numbers are very small.

I may have 1 tiny, Moorit Coloured miniature ram for sale later in the year, around October. Availability not confirmed until this years lambs arrive. He was born October 2023 and will be the same size as “Skippy”. This little ram will make an excellent stud for someone wanting to introduce rich chocolate colouring, along with small size into their flock. He will be priced at $500.

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Once this website is up and running and we have other breeders listed, there will be the ability for NZ mini breeders to list their miniature sheep for sale.

Most likely any available mini sheep will be listed on each individual breeders page here on the site. Although there may end up being a kind of “marketplace”. We will have to see how this develops. In any eventuality, we expect that buyers will be able to see lots of lovely mini sheep for sale.

How Much Do Miniature Sheep Cost?

This will be an individual breeders choice. They may range from the low hundreds, up into the low thousands. Some breeders have put a great deal of money into importing Babydoll sheep and/or embryos etc. So this will reflect in the price of their sheep for sale.

You can find a list of mini sheep breeders here

Babydoll Ram Lamb