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Join The Miniature Sheep Website

Would you like to be listed as a Mini Sheep Breeder here?

You do not have to have sheep for sale to be listed. However, you can add any sales info at any stage, should you choose.

There are not a lot of rules as yet, but I am sure there will be different requirements added as time goes by and more breeders join. Then we will have a better understanding of what is required.

If you know and can use WordPress, you can request your own login to publish and alter your own pages.

If you do not have WordPress skills – What we need from you:

  • Stud / Farm / Breeder Name
  • Location
  • Text you would like to appear, spell checked and formatted
  • Photographs. Please re-sized photos prior to sending to under about 200k so not too large.
  • Links to your own Website and Social media accounts are fine
  • Contact details can be added to your page if you want, but I would suggest a spam catcher email. And also consider if you really want your phone number published on line
  • Please try and have everything well organised, so I can publish it easily. Copy and paste is wonderful! 🙂

At this early stage, there is no cost to list as a breeder. In the future, there may end up being an admin fee, if there is a lot of work required to be done to keep people’s pages update. But at this stage, I am happy to do this for no charge.

Send me an email via the contact page, and I will be in touch.

Annie - Purebred Babydoll Ewe