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A little about me and my sheepies!

Babydoll Sheep Coming Home in Trailer
Excitedly Driving Home With My First Babydoll Sheep in the Trailer!


Golden Creek Miniature Sheep is a small lifestyle breeder. I am way down in the Deep South at Waimumu, which is about 20 minutes drive from Gore in Southland.

Here are a couple of 2022 lambs:


~ If you would like to see some 2023 lambs, CLICK HERE for my “Lamb Spam” page! ~

My long-term aim is to breed very small sheep that are docile natured, pretty to look at and come in a choice of colours. As well as being of robust and easy-care health. Even longer term would be to add shedding ability into that mix … but I am afraid that don’t have enough years left in me to accomplish all that myself!

Some of my ewes are already tiny, while others are larger, and even normal sized ewes with characteristics that I want to include in my breeding genetics.

I would love to see a pet market develop, where our babies can find homes that will cherish them as family companions and lawnmowers. Sheep can make seriously wonderful pets, they are cute and cuddly, easy to care for and they happily mow your grass while fertilising it as they go! And some take on human-type traits, especially if they are bottle-raised as lambs.

NOTE: I am not breeding purebred Babydoll Southdowns any more. I do still have 2 ewes, but they are only bred to my miniature ram. I like to have nice looking animals in my paddocks and I personally don’t really like the look of the Babydolls. I find the appearance of my tiny miniatures must more attractive to look at :-). Plus the minis are a lot smaller. Tiny size makes handling the rams a breeze, and there is much less danger of getting badly hurt by a ram.

Below are just a few of my current sheep, which were/are the base starting point of my breeding program. And you will see others sprinkled throughout the website, in time (more coming soon ).

First up is Skippy, my current teeny tiny ram, who doesn’t even come up to my knee! He is much smaller that the Babydoll rams I have had. Skippy is a gorgeous, deep chocolate colour which is more apparent after he has just been shorn.

Skippy Miniature Ram 2023 Oct

Comparison of Purebred BabyDoll Ewe to Skippy
Comparison of Purebred BabyDoll Ewe to Skippy

Skippy with 3mth lambs

Skippy (unshorn) in foreground with 3 mth lambs behind him. The smallest lamb is a Babydoll, others are normal sized lambs

Babydoll Lamb VS Skippy - Comparison in Size
Babydoll Lamb VS Skippy – Comparison in Size


Miniature Chocolate Coloured Ram being Shorn
Skippy in the process of being shorn. I love his chocolate colouring!


Here is Skippy (foreground) with my other young ram, Coco (behind). Coco is Babydoll X Arapawa and is genetically small. He was ewe raised by his doting mother, but has a nice, calm temperament. He leads, ties up and tethers, so is great to manage as a ram.

And here are some of my ewes

Golden Creek's Mini Ewes
Some Golden Creek Miniature Ewes pre-shearing
Miniature Ewe just after being Shorn.
Miniature Ewe just after being Shorn.


This is HotLips HoulaLamb

(more coming soon)